Wednesday, March 10, 2021

MIT Volume II Part I-VI

Capture the MO*MIT  

Volume II is a collection of short films

that depict a unique variety of experiences

primarily within the world of Africans and the diaspora

 of their descendants in the United States of America.

Other cultures are inclusive because of the nature of unity in learning,

and the drive for excellence among colleagues and collaborative groups.

These vivid collections convey and or stimulate conversations

through the experiences of a collection of first and second hand experiences.

We hope you are drawn into the experience as a witness to history and culture.

"Seeing is Believing"


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Film Footage and Images Provided by Contributors as Noted

Introduction to Volume II

Volume II - Part I    "Oh Beautiful!"

Volume II - Part II   "The Fire Next Time"

Volume II - Part III    "A Great Mighty Walk"

Volume II - Part IV    "Walking the Block"

Volume II - Part V  "Faith Stronger Than Fire"

MIT Vol II Part VI  "Pioneers In Action"