Monday, February 26, 2018

The GRID: Foundations of Strength, Tenacity, Vision, Scholarship & Talent

MIT's Alumni, Faculty, Academic Officers,
Business Executives, and Researchers

Leadership and Resource Giving

As the initial research years have passed from 1995 to the present, these pioneering individuals have given generously of their time and numerous resources to the continual growth and rich development of the black experience at MIT.  This list will expand as we seek your participation in giving to the continual research of MIT Black History.  We hope you will contribute to MIT Black History as well.

Thank You!

Listing of Names
(left to right)

Reginald Van Lee
Shirley Jackson
Cleave L. Killingsworth
Keith Bevans
Diane Peters-Hoskins
Victor Hoskins
Dianna E. Abney
Sylvester James Gates
Christopher Rose
Lisa Heller
James M. Turner
Leslye Fraser
Darryl Fraser
Lisa Egbuonu-Davis
Edmund Bertschinger
William Buckner
Kristala Jones Prather
Darcy Prather
Paula Hammond
Linda Sharpe
Carol Espy-Wilson
Ernest Cohen
Jennifer Rudd
Ronald McNair
Paul E. Gray
Charles M. Vest
L. Rafael Reif
Phillip Clay
Clarence G. Williams

 MIT Black History


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